Himalyan Langur Project

Himalyan Langur Project

Himalayan Langur Project

The Project:

The Himalayan Langur Project is a collaborative and multi-faceted conservation endeavor. The central objectives are to investigate and conserve the rich, but overlooked, biodiversity and culture of the Indian Himalayas.

Current Research and Objectives:

Human-langur interactions

Multi-species interactions

Predation and climactic pressures

Sociality and cognition

Livestock studies



Community-based research and conservation

Community and women empowerment

The Beginnings:

The project was started by Dr. Himani Nautiyal in 2014, where she habituated and investigated the diet of the Central Himalayan Langur (Semnopithecus schistaceus) in Mandal Valley, Uttarakhand. Since then, she earned her DSc at Kyoto University investigating the species’ sociality, genetic structure, and relationship with humans. Overtime, the project has grown. Dozens of assistants, volunteers, and students have worked in Mandal Valley at the Himalayan Langur Project, studying various species and human contexts that thrive in the Himalayas. The project now has an education program and growing community base for long-term conservation efforts.

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